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Tease Denial Story

Tease Denial Story:

I work in a small office with 3 attorneys and a staff of about 15, all women. Since we all are career women we understand each others problems and frustrations, especially when it comes to sex. One of the perks we get for working such long and dedicated hours is the “special services allotment” with our paychecks. Basically its a voucher to be used at a particularly upscale male escort service. Originally the purpose of the voucher was to help us out when we needed a date for some kind of office function but didn’t have the time to find one or didn’t want the hassle. However more and more the women in the office seemed to be using them for their “personal needs” leaving them high and dry when they needed a date for something. That is when I, being the senior partner came up with the idea to hire a couple of guys on staff as “personal liaisons” meaning their jobs would be basically just to be at our sexual service. I contacted my friend at the escort service and within a couple of days, Roger and Todd started work.

It was a win win situation, Roger and Todd got a hefty paycheck and no nightwork, unless we had to work late at the firm for some reason. Their only responsibility was to orally satisfy the women in the office. Office productivity tripled. Whenever one of us needed to get off we just called for one of our busy male studs to come take care of us. Needless to say having their tongues down so many pussies made these guys pretty horny and they would need to take frequent break to go to the bathroom and relieve themselves, sometimes the women would help them gain relief, other times they didn’t want to hassle.

As productivity grew so did the office staff and pretty soon Roger and Todd had more “work” then they could handle. That is when I decided to hire Brad. Brad a muscular, fresh out of college Adonis type and cocky as hell. Brad was patibulary skilled and could bring a woman off with his tongue in a matter of minutes But many times he would tease the women for a while before bringing them off, making them beg him for it. Whenever Brad services were called on he would strut around and often brag about how the women loved him and how lucky we were to be getting him. Some of the women in the office began to complain and I decided in the interest of moral I would have to fire Brad and find someone new.
When I called Brad into my office to let him go, he threw himself on my mercy. It turns out Brad had a nasty gambling habit and between that his student loans he really needed this job and the check that came with it. So I agreed to let Brad stay on, on a few conditions. First he had to service the women with no attitude, and second to make him more compliant he had to have his cock harnessed during the day, the sexual frustration would make him more manageable. Brad reluctantly agreed. He figured as long as he got out of the harness at night he could stand it and the paycheck was just too big to give up.

The next day Brad was slightly different but not too much he was still pretty arrogant and cocky. But it was clear that by the end of the day he was pretty damn horny, he was fidgeting and twitching all over. When Brad came into my office to get the key from me to unlock his belt I told him that I was not pleased with his actions and decided he should stay locked up until his attitude changed. The look of horror and frustration in Brads eyes made my pussy drool. He began to alternate between pleading for mercy and demanding it. But there was no way I was going to let him out, at least not until his attitude changed. I told him I had contacted some of his “gambling associates” and agreed to pay off his debts but in order to repay me he had to do whatever I said, basically he was not my personal toy. He snorted and in his cocky arrogant manner told me he would never agree to it. I told him fine I would just make a few more calls, I am sure that the men he owed money too would be more than happy to come get him after they find out he declined my generous offer to pay off his debts.
Tears began to fill Brads eyes, he knew he had no choice. I made a room for him in an empty office, he was not allowed to leave the building and I fashioned a security collar for him and had it sauntered around his neck so it could not be removed over his head. If he tried to leave the allowed perimeter or if he tried to take it off it gave him a stinging shock right to the balls. I had food sent in for him and he was allowed to remove the chastity belt once a day to shower…under my supervision he could masturbate in the shower, he was not however allowed to cum without permission. If he tried I would just click the remote button and send a charge to his balls causing him to cry and yelp in agony.

Brad spent his days tongue fucking women’s snatches.

He got even better at it, it was as if he was trying to get himself off by licking their hot pussies. He was always eager to serve and never gave off attitude anymore. But he wasn’t really wasn’t broken yet. Finally after about a week of this torment during one of his “sessions” with Amanda, one of the junior partners at the firm. He feel onto the floor crying and begging her to help him find a way to cum.

She immediately called me and told me it was time.
I went straight to her office to find poor Brad drooling and digging at his crotch trying to cause enough friction to get himself off. Amanda and I drug him off to the special room I had prepared. We laid him on the table and tied him spread eagle to it.

The whole time he was crying and begging and making us both incredibly hot. I removed his belt, poor guy he thought I was going to help him cum. Nothing could be further from the truth, I told him, which sent him into near hysterics. Amanda put on a pair of fur gloves and began to run them all over his aching body, avoiding his cock and balls. My job was to take a stiff feather and apply it with fast short strokes to the base of his aching prick then occasionally taking my hand and stroking him lightly

and slowly while he tried to buck at my hand. Making him moan and cry out in despair as we would continually bring him to the edge only to stop then when the immediate danger of him cumming passed we would start again. This went on for about two hours. He was pleading and crying pretty much the whole time. I called Roger in to have him service me I was incredibly hot and horny watching Brad. I leaned back onto my chair and let Roger kneel down and tongue and suck my pussy until I came.

Then to add to Brads torment I had Roger take off his shorts, showing his huge erection, I told Amanda to suck Roger off and make Brad watch. Brad watched in agony as Amanda’s lips slid slowly up and down Rogers hard shaft. Licking and sucking him and swallowing him whole. While I teased Brads cock further with my toes while smoking a cigarette after my incredible orgasm thanks to Roger. The whole time I kept talking to Brad, telling how good I bet Amanda’s lips would feel on his own hard tortured cock, making him beg me and laughing at him when he did. Then I had the best idea to humiliate Brad further, knowing Roger was bisexual I told Brad if he wanted to cum he had to finish Roger off. Brad looked at me in horror but didn’t protest. Roger was all to eager to get Brads hungry mouth on him and walked over and before Brad could even think he had Rogers engorged prick in his mouth. Brad began to hungrily lap at the cock, sucking it for all he was worth, in few strokes Roger came in Brads mouth.

And we all stood and laughed as Brad sobbed with cum dripping off his chin. Then Roger all to eager to return the favor slid his hot mouth over Brads cock teasing and sucking him very very slowly with his mouth. Brad closed his eyes, probably trying to imagine a woman sucking him, but just as he got close to the brink Roger stopped again. Leaving Brad insane with need. He was like one giant exposed nerve..just a touch on any part of his body sent him practically through the roof. We all decided to leave to get something to eat, but before we did I put a tape in the VCR for Brad to keep him busy, eight hours of hard-core fucking. He would have to watch it in agony and to further his torment I put a small vibrating cock ring over his tormented prick, set on timer to vibrate slowly for 2 minutes then turn off for 5 then back on, to keep him from cumming but keep him stimulated while he watched.
“Don’t worry Brad dear, ” I said as we all left laughing. “We will bring you back something to eat, afterall we need you to keep your strength up for our next session. Nighty Nighty.”
Brad let out a groan that was so pitiful it ALMOST made me feel sorry for him….ALMOST. We all left him to his torment while we went to eat and have a good laugh over his plight.

By the time I arrived back at the office the next morning Brad had been through hell. A full night of constant cock teasing, thanks to the sweet little vibrating cock ring I had put in place and the marathon porno video he was forced to watch. The poor think looked like he was about to cum apart at the seems (pardon the pun). The second I entered the room he started crying and begging to be let go. “Not a chance boy toy” I replied, laughing and mocking his pathetic attempts for pity. I took the cock ring off the poor little weasel…making him jolt at my touch and abruptly replaced it with his belt…and locked him securely in place…it must have hurt having that big hard prick shoved into that little belt, oh well.

I fed him a hearty breakfast and then I decided I wanted to show my toy off a bit, I paraded him down the office halls, wearing nothing but the steel cage around his throbbing member. I called in a few of the partners in my firm, and the ladies and I assembled in my office. Putting Brad at center stage. He was whimpering and whining, begging ect. We all took turns laughing at him and mocking him appropriately. It was clear that Brads spirit was broken. He was reduced to a quivering ball of Jell-O, begging to be touched, begging to cum. We cuffed his hands behind his back and forced him to his knees, removing his belt and exposing his throbbing cock, in urgent need of attention.
“Please” He whimper, “no more, I cant take it”
“What’s that Brad?” I replied. “You want me to suck your cock?” I lowered my head to just a fraction of an inch above the head and blow slow hot air over his cock. He moaned and tried to thrust his hips. I pulled back my head and we all laughed at his predicament. I don’t think I have ever seen such a big hard on. So purple and throbbing, it was so hot I could feel the heat off it radiating to my face when I was near it. This boy needed it and he needed it badly.
“Brad, I am going to give you the opportunity to earn my your right to cum” I said as I affixed a couple of strategically placed sensors and electrodes to his throbbing member. “We are going to play truth or dare, we get to around the room and each of us ask you if you want a Truth or a Dare, if you choose truth and answer the question truthfully, you will be rewarded by having your cock massaged and stimulated by these electrodes, maybe you will cum, maybe you wont. If you lie to us we will know because part of this device acts like a polygraph, and if you lie will automatically punish you accordingly. “Shush” I said as he started to speak. “Don’t talk, you will know what the punishment is when it happens.” Now you can always choose dare…in which case we can make you do anything we choose, if you fail to respond to the dare, again you will be punished. “Now are you ready Bradly?” I asked.
Brad just nodded weakly and hung his head in defeat.
I let Amanda start the questions. “Truth or Dare Bradly?”
Brad thought for a minute then answered reluctantly “Truth”
“Is it true you enjoy teasing women and making them feel shamed by you?”
Brad looked in horror then began to sweat even more profusely then before, “Nnnoo, not at all” He stammered. And immediately fell to the floor writhing in pain and crying.
“Ooopsy” I said, “Brad I warned you, you couldn’t lie, now you know, everytime you like you will get a jolt to your balls that is far less than pleasant. Poor baby, you should have listened to me when I told you, you would be punished.” As Brad recovered he was helped back to his needs, his body shaking and his breathing raspy from the jolt.
“Amanda ask Brad again, I am sure this time he wont lie” I said
Amanda asked Brad once more if he enjoyed teasing and humiliating women.
“Yesss. I I guess I do” Brad said sobbing. His sobbing immediately broke into moans of pleasure as the electrodes sent pleasurable vibrating massages to the most sensitive spots on his tortured cock. Brad sat on the carpet his head thrown back and moaning, drooling, begging for the machine not to stop its delicious ministrations on his engorged prick. His balls began to tighten and his cock started to twitch, he was humping the air rocking and moaning, then it was over. The machine switched off.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” He cried, “Just a few more seconds please, I am begging”
“Sorry Brad maybe next time. Rachel you’re up” I replied
Rachel grinned and asked “Truth or Dare weasel?”
“Truth Truth oh god Truth” Brad cried, like Pavlov’s dog, drooling at the prospect of cumming.
“Ok, last night when Roger sucked you, you wanted him to make you cum didn’t you Brad? You actually enjoyed having another mans mouth on your cock didn’t you?” She laughed
Brad turned red-faced and it was so obvious he wanted to lie, but driven but the need to cum and the desire to not feel the stinging shock he answered a quick “Yes I did” and a look of shame overcame his poor hollow face. Almost immediately the machine switched on again, sending Brad back to his previous urgent yet euphoric state, suspended in a world of agony and ecstasy. “Yess oh god yess” he moaned “Do it, make me cum, please oh god please please, fuck this is good” Then the machine was off.
A look of sheer terror swept Brad “What the fuck?” He said bucking his hips as if to try to restart the machine.
“Oh Brad didn’t I mention? That sweet little device also has a built in pleasure detector, it monitors you so well that its able to cut off just a millisecond before you are pushed over the edge” I said as I laughed.
Brad began to sob again. I could tell he wanted to curse at me but he knew it would only make things so very much worse for him.
I looked at Kim and nodded indicating it was her turn with Brad. Before she could even ask truth or dare Brad stammered “Dare I take dare, I cant go through this again.”
Kim laughed so hard when he answered. “OK Brad, I dare you to let us tie you up and tickle you.”
“Oh my God, No, please not that, anything else, I am so ticklish, I will die, I know it”
“Brad, don’t make me punish you again,” I said with my finger on the machine. Brad looked at me half enraged and half pleading as we lead him back to the play room.
Once securely fastened to the rack and spread eagle we hoisted his legs into the air using a pulley system. So he was on his back, legs spread wide and is ass about 2 to 3 inches off the rack. Totally open and vulnerable. We began. I started to run my nails under his arms and over his ribs, he began to giggle and moan alternatively…then I dug in tickling him for all I was worth.
Amanda attacked his feet with her nails grazing them while Kim teased his cock with a feather, stroking it up and down adding to his torment, avoiding any contact that would allow him to cum. Rachel flicked his nipples with her tongue and dug into the other side of his ribs. 8 Hands, feathers, nails all attacking this poor young painfully horny stud.
Then just for fun we wheeled in the machine and set it to stimulate his poor cock, to tease him to the edge of cumming and back off over and over while we tickled him mercilessly.
Finally after about an hour of tickling and denial we stopped and shut down the machine, Brad was shaking like a bowl of Jell-O, begging crying, drooling and making no sense at all. Finally after he composed himself he said “Pleasssseeee no more, I need to cum pleaseeeeee”
“Ok Brad you have one more chance here, ” I said “I haven’t had my turn with truth or dare”
“TRUTH TRUTH” Brad interrupted.
“Ok truth Brad” I replied “You are enjoying this aren’t you?”
“NOOOOO” He cried “God NOO” His protests were cut off by his screaming, and writhing once more, to the tune of the machine generated shock.
“Brad, did you forget about the lie detector? Tsk Tsk” I laughed. As the machine shut off Brad passed out cock harder than ever and still throbbing for need of release. I turned out the lights and we all left the room, to allow Brad a much deserved rest. Besides, he was going to need his strength.

End of Tease Denial Story.