Femdom Mistresses

The Ordeal Of My True Slave

Picture this. You are kneeling naked on the coarse, stone floor of an ancient Temple in the dark, steamy rain forest of your fervid imagination. You don’t know how long you’ve been there. Hours, perhaps. Your body aches. Your mind screams at you, “Asshole! Why are you tormenting yourself like this? Fool, leave this place.” You ignore the pain in your back and the cramps in your legs. You shut your ears against the reproaches of your common sense.

You remain kneeling with your face pressed against the hard stone floor and your arms stretched out toward an altar which is dimly lighted and elevated before you. For all you know it may be a sacrificial altar and someone will come soon to carve out your heart. You have never before done anything so daring or put yourself into such a treacherous situation, waiting for a Woman you have not personally met and in a place fraught with so much danger. But you are compelled by the longing in your heart to remain and to await what may be your one final chance to realize the dream of your lifetime, the dream of becoming a true slave to a beautiful, superior Goddess.

You listen to the click, click, click of My stiletto heels tapping on the stone floor as I approach you from behind. A shiver of fear and anticipation shoots up your spine. I stop behind you. You know that I am studying your prostrate body. And you pray that I approve of the manner in which you have obeyed My directions. You want nothing more in this world than to please your Goddess. “Spread your legs, slave.” You obey. “Wider, slut!” Your balls hang down between your thighs. You are totally vulnerable. And I, being a Bitch Goddess, take delight in kicking your scrotum. You howl with pain and surprise as the point of My shoe smashes into your balls.

Then the clicking sounds of My heels resume and stop next to your ears. You are startled by the pressure of one shoe pressing into the back of your neck. “I claim you as My slave, scumboy.” I press your face into the stone floor with my foot, pinning you like a bug. “From this moment and for the rest of your life you will devote yourself to serving Me.” My voice is sweet music to your ears. “You will have no other Queen but Me. You will do everything I demand of you and beg for new ways to worship Me. You will deny Me nothing, not your body, not your money and not your soul. You will submit to your lowly servitude by kissing and licking My shoes. Now!”

I kick the side of your face with My foot. You immediately begin worshipping hungrily at My shoes with your insatiable tongue. Oh, what dark, hot ecstasy it is for you. The moment you have yearned for has finally arrived. You surrender yourself to Me to be completely owned and controlled. You have dreamed desperately all your life for this sweet surrender. “I own you, slave. You are My chattel, My mule, My toy, My piggybank. Your body belongs to Me. Your swollen cock is Mine to control. You are My property”

Now imagine you are in My bedchamber, kneeling naked at the foot of My bed. The collar around your neck is linked by a long , thin chain to one of the corner bed posts. By now you are used to the pain in your back and the aches in your knees because you have been My true slave for a year or more. You have lost track of the time but your passion for Me has grown stronger than ever. Your love for Me is a prison. It is more confining than the plastic chastity cage that confines your limp dick, and is a constant reminder of the totality of your submission.
Many months have passed since I freed your pathetic penis from its prison. Do you remember the last time I let you out? What a raging erection you had!. And do you remember my delight when I teased you to the brink of cumming but then denied you with a cold ice pack? Poor baby, you were so disappointed. What delicious torture it was. I enjoyed it so much. And you were so grateful when I permitted you to lick My ass instead of cumming. You are so well trained. You are My true pathetic slave. I have taken away your manhood.
You do not raise your face from the thick carpet when I enter the room laughing gaily and chatting with My lover. We have just returned from an evening of extravagant dining at The Four Seasons Restaurant, on your credit card of course. We ignore your kneeling presence as We do the other furniture in the room, except the king sized, four poster, canopied bed of course. That we never ignore.
I hastily unbutton My lover’s shirt and help him to remove his trousers. When he is naked he sits on the edge of the bed. His gorgeous cock is already throbbing with the anticipation of being inside My hot pussy. Your pathetic, imprisoned pecker tries to respond to the erotic energy in the room, but it is powerless in its little cage. I have the keys in My vault. You feel the pressure of My ass on your back when I sit on you and casually remove My shoes. I stand to remove My clothing and drape the skirt, panties and bra across your back. Then I slip eagerly onto the bed with My lover.
I snap My fingers at you twice. You know the drill. You respond quickly. You raise up on your knees and crawl to your assigned place near the edge of the bed between My lover’s spread knees. His nine inch cock is just a breath away from your face. How humiliating it is for you to be kneeling before another man, especially one who is younger, stronger and much more handsome than you. Your face is flush with embarrassment and the blood is throbbing in your trapped little dicky. However, you are excited by your cuckolding.
You respond quickly to My command. “Suck that gorgeous cock, little girl. Lube it up with your saliva so your Goddess can take it easy inside. It’s so big and thick. Think of the service you’re performing for My pleasure. Do a good job with your tongue and lips and for your reward, I will let you watch Us fuck. But first, smell My lover’s cock. Run your nose up and down the shaft and inhale the hot, musky aroma that I love so much. Now suck it and lick it. Wet it all over for your Mistress.”
Your lips are bright red with rouge. My lover laughs as he presses his thick cock between your painted lips and deep against the back of your throat. You gag a little and breathe in deeply through your nostrils. The smell of his cock makes you drool all the more and your saliva coats his shaft as you pull your head back. It’s no longer a secret that you love sucking cock for your Goddess. Your mouth is full of cock again and your nostrils flair at the dark odor of My stud’s groin. His balls slap against your chin as he fucks your face. Just admit it, slut, you love to suck cock. Especially when I demand it.
While you suck his superior cock, I kneel behind my lover and caress his nipples. I know he is ready when he begins to moan at My touch. He and I roll over onto the bed. He is above Me, and he presses his huge cock slowly into My wet pussy. I take it inside of Me an inch at a time. Oh! He fills Me. It’s almost more than I can take. He teases Me slowly, in and then back away, then in again. My fingernails dig into his shoulders as he pushes harder and deeper into Me. I wonder how you feel kneeling there watching but powerless.
While We are making wild, unrestrained love, My lover and I, I extend My bare foot to you so you may suck on My toes. I love the feel of your wet mouth around My toes and your slippery tongue between them while his thick cock swells inside My hot pussy. You suck greedily, as always, at My toes and lick between them. The combination of sensations from your mouth and his cock drives Me to more urgent orgasms.
You watch Our fierce passion from your kneeling position, sucking My feet while We fuck harder and harder, both of Us moaning and cursing and laughing at the power of Our fucking. I kick your face uncontrollably and unintentionally several times. Such passion!
You will never know that passion, my pathetic little slave. You will never have your cock inside My hot pussy like a real man. No, I have locked away your manhood and you have gladly sacrificed it for the joy and ordeal of being My true slave. You will be content watching your Queen enjoy fucking Her lover. Then when She is thoroughly satisfied and spent from a multitude of orgasms sometime in the late hours after midnight, you will be commanded to clean Her lover’s magnificent cock of all Our juices with your lips and face. And maybe even suck his dripping cum out of My pussy.
After that, I will present you with the restaurant bill and let you go back to your dull and lonely little room with the unrelieved discomfort of your cock cage reminding you of your love and devotion to Me as My true slave. Can you handle that ordeal, sissy boy? Oh, and one thing, you should start thinking about serving me in some of the slave cam videos I like so much.